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Following a Feminist Blog: art response June 26, 2012

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For our last blog entry we were supposed to create an art response which can be presented as a performance, an installation, through music, dance or as a poetry. I had a closer look at the blog Fbomb, which I had chosen at the beginning of the course. Throughout the semester, I followed this blog and realized, that some topics are recurring. As Fbomb is a feminist blog about women’s right for teenage girls, it often deals with topics like the teenager’s sexuality and especially sex education which is often critizised to be neglected in American schools. When browsing the blog, I came across the following blog entry titled “Teen Sex and Feminism” written by Talia F.

I decided to create a collage trying to show the contents of Talia’s article. In her article, she is talking about the controversities of sex. It is seen as essential for the survival of the human race and as well as one of the foremost pleasures in life.

I found one quote, which striked me most and which I want to use to create my art response: Human beings are obsessed with sex. Really, really obsessed with sex.”

According to Talia, sex is actually all about men and their pleasure. In her opinion, women just have sex to get children and to please men.

By now, teenage sex has already become common in America; the country has also got the highest rate of teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections in the developed world. This is a result of the fact, that still being a virgin is seen as “uncool” with a certain age: being sexually experienced is the adult thing to do. Losing virginity is a much more complex matter for girls than it is for boys: holding on it for a long time is assumed with prudity, whereas losing it without having a boyfriend means to be a slut often. However, boys are in some cases even celebrated for being a so called “man-whore” and called “players”, which has not such a negative connotation as the term “slut” used for girls for instance has. Girls get immediately labeled and judged.

For Talia, the biggest problem concerning teenage sexuality is the concentration on male pleasure. Female on male oral sex is even expected, but it is fairly rare for a boy to reciprocate. in her opinion, one of the reasons for the male-centricity of teenage sexuality is due to porn. Most of them are totally unrealistic and demeaning towards women. In such films, women do not have their own needs and desires, men have all the power.

She also mentions the importance of contraception. Although there exist lots of different possibilities to prevent unwished pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases, more then half of the contracted people of STIs are between 15 and 24 years old. This is among other things due to the pretty bad sex education in America. Though there’s pretty much information about contraception, the active part is often left aside.

The fixation of the described problems is that important, as girls ought to feel like equal partners in sexual encounters. For a long time, women were valued largely for their bodies and ability to improve life for men, not for themselves as people. If a man really respects a women, he will also care about her enjoyment while having sex.

Talia considers it as very important, that comprehensive sex education becomes the norm. Furthermore, contraception should be available for everybody.

At the end, Talia asks herself what can be done to better the situation of teenage girls in America concerning sex. She mentions spreading the idea of egalitarian sexual behaviour and the abdication of using words like “slut” or “whore”.

In my collage, I tried to combine all aspects that come to my mind when I think about teenagers and sexuality. To be informed about the various possibilities of contraception is very important and some young boys and girls often are not properly informed and underestimate the risks and dangers. As sex is a topic everyone is concerned about, in some way, I decided to also use pictures to show the different forms of sex.









Feminist Remix June 12, 2012

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Hey everyone!

For my feminist remix I decided to choose pictures of women, which show their image, which in most cases contains lots of stereotypes. Each of my selected pictures stands for a certain image of women.



In our society, women are subsribed many different roles: They are mostly seen as housewifes, caretakers for the children, nurturers, cooks and cleaning lady. Especially nowadays, the role of women in society has changed and they also fill jobs as managers in leading positions. In most cases, women are seen as subordinated to men, but actually women aren’t reliant on man anymore. They became independent in the last few decades.

Of course there’s still the typical image of women being dependent on men as “guardian” and “nurturer” of the family in some countries. Unfortunately, there also still exists the image of women as a sex object. I guess this is due to advertisements, especially in TV and in magazines. Women are often shown in sexy underwear, posing seductive and alluring. Women are spoken to fulfill men’s wishes; to do everything to pleasy them (mostlysexually), as the cartoon on my collage wants to show.

Another image of women, which is in my opinion not that widely-spread, is the picture of women as bodybuilders. As the picture on my collage shows, the woman has muscles all over and she seems to spread power, strength and some kind of masculinity, as women are actually not supposed to be that musculous.

I tried to show some of the different images of women in the media, which (at least I hope so) succeeded.

I hope you enjoyed! 😉





Systemic: Personal as Political May 23, 2012

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title: untitled

artist: José Gómez Fresquet

year: 1970




Identity Politics Visual Map May 15, 2012

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As you can see on the following picture, I took pictures from one of my favourite clothing labels. Rip Curl is a label, which produces clothing especially for surfers. The label focuses on the preservation of the nature, as they already write on their website. They have also a cooperation with the car manifacturer Renault, which shows their effort concerning environmental issues.The team of Rip Curl is very open-minded and friendly, every one is invited to join the team, which leads to the social components.




Enjoy! 🙂


Identity Poltitics Mapping May 8, 2012

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Here’s my blog entry. As you can see, I answered the questions in the following essay.
I hope, you enjoy reading! 😉

Actually, I have never thought intensively about me becoming privileged in life. I always regarded my life the way it is as normal and took it for granted, I never asked lots of questions about my origin, my gender or my socio-economic class. In fact, I cannot exactly remember when I first was confronted with the issue of classes. Since I can think, I was also used to life under relatively high conditions. Since I am an only child, I can say that I was and am still privileged and did not suffer in any kind of way.

In former times, I never considered my outward appearance as so important. I never asked myself why I had the color of my skin and why some other people look different, I never brought facts like these into question. I also never reflected on my sex and thought about being masculine or something like that. Indeed I was never one of those “typical” girls, who are assumed to play with dolls, love horses and cats and tend to prefer pink clothes and wear mainly skirts and dresses. Since I was a child ( and as long as I can think back), I always preferred casual clothes.

My body was also not really relevant at that age. I can say that I am quite comfortable with the shape of my body and that I am concerned about his form all the time. I do not put that much emphasis on the from the mass media transported image of the idealized, hyper sexualized female body. I think it’s much more important to feel comfortable than trying to fit a certain concept. In my opinion, those people, who feel good the way they are, appear much more self-confident and they are also – for me – more beautiful than those, who try to look like the mainstream-pictures presented by the media. As sexuality is also an important topic (especially in the adolescence) concerning identity formation. I think, sexuality is a very sensitive topic, one should think about himself or herself about his or her sexual identity.  

Religion never played a very important role in my life. As my father is protestant and his family is very religious, we went to church every week when I was younger. I would not say, that I am very spiritual, but I do believe in fate and furthermore I guess, that everything in life happens for a reason. Some may say, I am superstitious, but I already made some experiences, which brought me to this conviction. Concerning my political views, I just want to say that I find it quite important to hold his or her own opinion and to go to elections as this is the only chance for people who are not directly engaged in political issues to impinge on topics, that concern all of us. If one has the possibility to express his or her opinion, I guess one should do and not complain afterwards. 

Personally, I think it’s not easy to say how I see myself. I guess everybody has various sides, some of them are hidden, some are more visible. When I think about myself, then first of all my shyness comes into my mind. I guess I am a person with a lot of different sides. Sometimes I’m absolutely crazy and out of control, sometimes I’m very shy and feel unconscious. I guess nobody can describe himself or herself “correctly”, in my opinion, everyone’s behavior always depends on the situation. So I can also not really say, that I’ve got a desired self. Actually, I like myself the way I am. Of course there are some things, I’d like to change: I often lack self-confidence, but even that is part of my personality and it belongs to me in some way. I think it’s not easy to say, how others see me. I know that some people are wrong about my character, some others take a similar view of me as I do. Most people who don’t know me very well, say that they think I’m quite sporty, which is due to my style of clothing, I guess. I’m sure, it always depends on where people get to know me. If they see me in my free time for example, I’m sure they would judge me different as if they met me at university. I dealt with identity constructions in the cyberspace for a long time since I wrote my final exam concerning this topic. I guess my appearance in the internet does not differ strongly from my physical appearance in real life. I have accounts in various social networks and I quote the same information about myself everywhere, which is on conformity the reality, so I don’t think, that I construct a different identity in the cyberspace.

To come to the question of race, I have to say that in my opinion everybody on the world has a certain race. To me, it means, that I belong to a certain “group” of people, which share the same origin and color of their skin, but all in all, we are all one.

As history was in our school only taught globally, we did not really deal with our family’s history. I have to admit, that I personally also did never ask myself about my own history and its background. I always took it for granted and never asked for the various theories of race, also was gender never an important topic in our school and in my private life until now. I do not feel suppressed by men or something like that, but I do think, that it is important to know about it and to espouse equality.


Following a feminist blog critiques due April 17, 2012

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I’ve chosen the blog entry “A Feminist Eduction” by Sarah M. She declares feminism as an important part of her life, furthermore Sarah syas that she believes strongly in feminist sex education ansd wishes that there would be more talks and discussions about sexual desires and contraception, as the media report about the rising rates of teenage pregnancy. Especially in public shools Sarah emphasizes the urgency for comprehensive sexual education.

Sarah is feed up abotu the fact, that the media often blame the girls with headlines like “Where have we gone wrong with the girls?” for unintentional pregnancies. She criticizes the governement for its strict education, which is based on abstinence-only, as it doesn’t contribute to better the situation. Most public schools in the US already have an abstinence-based curriculum, but Sarah mentions that it did not help and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy.

Recently, Sarah started to work for Scarleteen, an online resource providing sevual education on the internet especially for teenagers, but also for all others, who need it. She points out that the high amount of questions from people between 20 and 30 years, in most cases concerning basic topics. As schools lack basic sexual education, many people are not able to make healthy and appropriate decisions concerning their sexuality.

Sarah admits that she won’t stop following her plans concerning fighting for better and solid sexual education in schools as she think this is a very important topic, everyone should be informed profoundly about.

In my opinion, Sarah is a very strong person who has an important mission: giving young people the opportunity to deal with their sexuality, without being afraid of restrictions.



The blog ‘fbomb’ March 26, 2012

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‘fbomb’ is a blog which has been created by and for teenage girls with the aim to create a platform for women who stand in for their rights and want to be heard. On their website they say “All young feminists who are just a little bit pissed off and very outspoken are more than welcome here.” The platform focuses on young girls that are aware enough to show their anger and express it through writing. The name of the blog, ‘fbomb’, refers to a swearword used in popular culture. The editor of ‘fbomb’ is Julie Zeilinger, a very active and optimistic teenage feminist who delivers every critical and sarcastic comment with a smile.
As ‘fbomb’ is a platform that is designed to interaction and dialogue, all submissions are accepted; everybody can contribute to the blog with as much postings as he or she likes. Comments, that are racist or harassing towards others, will be removed.

I’ve chosen the blog ‘fbomb‘ because to me it seemed most interesting. The website itself has a very attracting and inviting layout and I was also quite interested in the themes, the bloggers were writing about. I decides to read the article “Street Harassment and Sluts” by Liz P. She writes about her experiences while studying abroad in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She mentions the fact that there’s much more street harassment over there. Liz describes a situation when she was out with some of her friends and was harassed by Ecuadoran guys. She refers to the term ‘sexual terrorism’, which in my opinion seems a little bit dramatic at first, but actually is fitting considering the fact, that women are often harassed on the street, especially when going out at night. Liz also points out the importance of never going out alone but taking a buddy with herself o himself just in fact to avoid unnerving comments and sexual encroachments.
Some people think such a fear of street harassment is exaggerated and one should be ‘proud’ of being addressed, because it means that one is looking good.
Liz says that it’s not enough to just identify the problem of street harassment as it does not help just knowing about it. It has a lot of influence on how we think about the term ‘sexuality’ and how we behave. She also mentions the huge amount on different kinds of expression of sexual harassment like street harassment or the representation of women in films or in music videos.

Liz P., the writer of the blog etry that I have chosen, is an active blogger who writes about feminism, pop culture, teens and current events on her own blog ‘Our Turn’. She’s a senior college student who’s majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Women’s Studies and Spanish.