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The blog ‘fbomb’ March 26, 2012

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‘fbomb’ is a blog which has been created by and for teenage girls with the aim to create a platform for women who stand in for their rights and want to be heard. On their website they say “All young feminists who are just a little bit pissed off and very outspoken are more than welcome here.” The platform focuses on young girls that are aware enough to show their anger and express it through writing. The name of the blog, ‘fbomb’, refers to a swearword used in popular culture. The editor of ‘fbomb’ is Julie Zeilinger, a very active and optimistic teenage feminist who delivers every critical and sarcastic comment with a smile.
As ‘fbomb’ is a platform that is designed to interaction and dialogue, all submissions are accepted; everybody can contribute to the blog with as much postings as he or she likes. Comments, that are racist or harassing towards others, will be removed.

I’ve chosen the blog ‘fbomb‘ because to me it seemed most interesting. The website itself has a very attracting and inviting layout and I was also quite interested in the themes, the bloggers were writing about. I decides to read the article “Street Harassment and Sluts” by Liz P. She writes about her experiences while studying abroad in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She mentions the fact that there’s much more street harassment over there. Liz describes a situation when she was out with some of her friends and was harassed by Ecuadoran guys. She refers to the term ‘sexual terrorism’, which in my opinion seems a little bit dramatic at first, but actually is fitting considering the fact, that women are often harassed on the street, especially when going out at night. Liz also points out the importance of never going out alone but taking a buddy with herself o himself just in fact to avoid unnerving comments and sexual encroachments.
Some people think such a fear of street harassment is exaggerated and one should be ‘proud’ of being addressed, because it means that one is looking good.
Liz says that it’s not enough to just identify the problem of street harassment as it does not help just knowing about it. It has a lot of influence on how we think about the term ‘sexuality’ and how we behave. She also mentions the huge amount on different kinds of expression of sexual harassment like street harassment or the representation of women in films or in music videos.

Liz P., the writer of the blog etry that I have chosen, is an active blogger who writes about feminism, pop culture, teens and current events on her own blog ‘Our Turn’. She’s a senior college student who’s majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Women’s Studies and Spanish.


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