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Following a feminist blog critiques due April 17, 2012

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I’ve chosen the blog entry “A Feminist Eduction” by Sarah M. She declares feminism as an important part of her life, furthermore Sarah syas that she believes strongly in feminist sex education ansd wishes that there would be more talks and discussions about sexual desires and contraception, as the media report about the rising rates of teenage pregnancy. Especially in public shools Sarah emphasizes the urgency for comprehensive sexual education.

Sarah is feed up abotu the fact, that the media often blame the girls with headlines like “Where have we gone wrong with the girls?” for unintentional pregnancies. She criticizes the governement for its strict education, which is based on abstinence-only, as it doesn’t contribute to better the situation. Most public schools in the US already have an abstinence-based curriculum, but Sarah mentions that it did not help and reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy.

Recently, Sarah started to work for Scarleteen, an online resource providing sevual education on the internet especially for teenagers, but also for all others, who need it. She points out that the high amount of questions from people between 20 and 30 years, in most cases concerning basic topics. As schools lack basic sexual education, many people are not able to make healthy and appropriate decisions concerning their sexuality.

Sarah admits that she won’t stop following her plans concerning fighting for better and solid sexual education in schools as she think this is a very important topic, everyone should be informed profoundly about.

In my opinion, Sarah is a very strong person who has an important mission: giving young people the opportunity to deal with their sexuality, without being afraid of restrictions.