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Identity Poltitics Mapping May 8, 2012

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Here’s my blog entry. As you can see, I answered the questions in the following essay.
I hope, you enjoy reading! 😉

Actually, I have never thought intensively about me becoming privileged in life. I always regarded my life the way it is as normal and took it for granted, I never asked lots of questions about my origin, my gender or my socio-economic class. In fact, I cannot exactly remember when I first was confronted with the issue of classes. Since I can think, I was also used to life under relatively high conditions. Since I am an only child, I can say that I was and am still privileged and did not suffer in any kind of way.

In former times, I never considered my outward appearance as so important. I never asked myself why I had the color of my skin and why some other people look different, I never brought facts like these into question. I also never reflected on my sex and thought about being masculine or something like that. Indeed I was never one of those “typical” girls, who are assumed to play with dolls, love horses and cats and tend to prefer pink clothes and wear mainly skirts and dresses. Since I was a child ( and as long as I can think back), I always preferred casual clothes.

My body was also not really relevant at that age. I can say that I am quite comfortable with the shape of my body and that I am concerned about his form all the time. I do not put that much emphasis on the from the mass media transported image of the idealized, hyper sexualized female body. I think it’s much more important to feel comfortable than trying to fit a certain concept. In my opinion, those people, who feel good the way they are, appear much more self-confident and they are also – for me – more beautiful than those, who try to look like the mainstream-pictures presented by the media. As sexuality is also an important topic (especially in the adolescence) concerning identity formation. I think, sexuality is a very sensitive topic, one should think about himself or herself about his or her sexual identity.  

Religion never played a very important role in my life. As my father is protestant and his family is very religious, we went to church every week when I was younger. I would not say, that I am very spiritual, but I do believe in fate and furthermore I guess, that everything in life happens for a reason. Some may say, I am superstitious, but I already made some experiences, which brought me to this conviction. Concerning my political views, I just want to say that I find it quite important to hold his or her own opinion and to go to elections as this is the only chance for people who are not directly engaged in political issues to impinge on topics, that concern all of us. If one has the possibility to express his or her opinion, I guess one should do and not complain afterwards. 

Personally, I think it’s not easy to say how I see myself. I guess everybody has various sides, some of them are hidden, some are more visible. When I think about myself, then first of all my shyness comes into my mind. I guess I am a person with a lot of different sides. Sometimes I’m absolutely crazy and out of control, sometimes I’m very shy and feel unconscious. I guess nobody can describe himself or herself “correctly”, in my opinion, everyone’s behavior always depends on the situation. So I can also not really say, that I’ve got a desired self. Actually, I like myself the way I am. Of course there are some things, I’d like to change: I often lack self-confidence, but even that is part of my personality and it belongs to me in some way. I think it’s not easy to say, how others see me. I know that some people are wrong about my character, some others take a similar view of me as I do. Most people who don’t know me very well, say that they think I’m quite sporty, which is due to my style of clothing, I guess. I’m sure, it always depends on where people get to know me. If they see me in my free time for example, I’m sure they would judge me different as if they met me at university. I dealt with identity constructions in the cyberspace for a long time since I wrote my final exam concerning this topic. I guess my appearance in the internet does not differ strongly from my physical appearance in real life. I have accounts in various social networks and I quote the same information about myself everywhere, which is on conformity the reality, so I don’t think, that I construct a different identity in the cyberspace.

To come to the question of race, I have to say that in my opinion everybody on the world has a certain race. To me, it means, that I belong to a certain “group” of people, which share the same origin and color of their skin, but all in all, we are all one.

As history was in our school only taught globally, we did not really deal with our family’s history. I have to admit, that I personally also did never ask myself about my own history and its background. I always took it for granted and never asked for the various theories of race, also was gender never an important topic in our school and in my private life until now. I do not feel suppressed by men or something like that, but I do think, that it is important to know about it and to espouse equality.


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