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Feminist Remix June 12, 2012

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Hey everyone!

For my feminist remix I decided to choose pictures of women, which show their image, which in most cases contains lots of stereotypes. Each of my selected pictures stands for a certain image of women.



In our society, women are subsribed many different roles: They are mostly seen as housewifes, caretakers for the children, nurturers, cooks and cleaning lady. Especially nowadays, the role of women in society has changed and they also fill jobs as managers in leading positions. In most cases, women are seen as subordinated to men, but actually women aren’t reliant on man anymore. They became independent in the last few decades.

Of course there’s still the typical image of women being dependent on men as “guardian” and “nurturer” of the family in some countries. Unfortunately, there also still exists the image of women as a sex object. I guess this is due to advertisements, especially in TV and in magazines. Women are often shown in sexy underwear, posing seductive and alluring. Women are spoken to fulfill men’s wishes; to do everything to pleasy them (mostlysexually), as the cartoon on my collage wants to show.

Another image of women, which is in my opinion not that widely-spread, is the picture of women as bodybuilders. As the picture on my collage shows, the woman has muscles all over and she seems to spread power, strength and some kind of masculinity, as women are actually not supposed to be that musculous.

I tried to show some of the different images of women in the media, which (at least I hope so) succeeded.

I hope you enjoyed! 😉





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