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Following a Feminist Blog: art response June 26, 2012

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For our last blog entry we were supposed to create an art response which can be presented as a performance, an installation, through music, dance or as a poetry. I had a closer look at the blog Fbomb, which I had chosen at the beginning of the course. Throughout the semester, I followed this blog and realized, that some topics are recurring. As Fbomb is a feminist blog about women’s right for teenage girls, it often deals with topics like the teenager’s sexuality and especially sex education which is often critizised to be neglected in American schools. When browsing the blog, I came across the following blog entry titled “Teen Sex and Feminism” written by Talia F.

I decided to create a collage trying to show the contents of Talia’s article. In her article, she is talking about the controversities of sex. It is seen as essential for the survival of the human race and as well as one of the foremost pleasures in life.

I found one quote, which striked me most and which I want to use to create my art response: Human beings are obsessed with sex. Really, really obsessed with sex.”

According to Talia, sex is actually all about men and their pleasure. In her opinion, women just have sex to get children and to please men.

By now, teenage sex has already become common in America; the country has also got the highest rate of teen pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections in the developed world. This is a result of the fact, that still being a virgin is seen as “uncool” with a certain age: being sexually experienced is the adult thing to do. Losing virginity is a much more complex matter for girls than it is for boys: holding on it for a long time is assumed with prudity, whereas losing it without having a boyfriend means to be a slut often. However, boys are in some cases even celebrated for being a so called “man-whore” and called “players”, which has not such a negative connotation as the term “slut” used for girls for instance has. Girls get immediately labeled and judged.

For Talia, the biggest problem concerning teenage sexuality is the concentration on male pleasure. Female on male oral sex is even expected, but it is fairly rare for a boy to reciprocate. in her opinion, one of the reasons for the male-centricity of teenage sexuality is due to porn. Most of them are totally unrealistic and demeaning towards women. In such films, women do not have their own needs and desires, men have all the power.

She also mentions the importance of contraception. Although there exist lots of different possibilities to prevent unwished pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases, more then half of the contracted people of STIs are between 15 and 24 years old. This is among other things due to the pretty bad sex education in America. Though there’s pretty much information about contraception, the active part is often left aside.

The fixation of the described problems is that important, as girls ought to feel like equal partners in sexual encounters. For a long time, women were valued largely for their bodies and ability to improve life for men, not for themselves as people. If a man really respects a women, he will also care about her enjoyment while having sex.

Talia considers it as very important, that comprehensive sex education becomes the norm. Furthermore, contraception should be available for everybody.

At the end, Talia asks herself what can be done to better the situation of teenage girls in America concerning sex. She mentions spreading the idea of egalitarian sexual behaviour and the abdication of using words like “slut” or “whore”.

In my collage, I tried to combine all aspects that come to my mind when I think about teenagers and sexuality. To be informed about the various possibilities of contraception is very important and some young boys and girls often are not properly informed and underestimate the risks and dangers. As sex is a topic everyone is concerned about, in some way, I decided to also use pictures to show the different forms of sex.









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